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The Health Benefits of Champagne Drinking


the-health-benefits-of-champagne-drinkingWhether you are relaxing after a long week or hosting a dinner party, champagne is the beverage of choice for various occasions. The benefits go beyond the appealing scent and delicious flavor. You can enjoy the health benefits of drinking this beverage as well. Here is a look at the health benefits of drinking champagne.

  • Smaller Portions: A standard champagne glass is smaller than other glasses and bottles, which means you are going to drink a smaller portion of champagne than other beverages. If you are worried about sugar, calories and the dreaded headache that comes with drinking, then you may enjoy a glass of champagne.
  • Good For The Waist Line: A standard glass of champagne contains about 80 calories, while a standard glass of red or white wine contains about 120 calories. The bubbles in the champagne also cause you to drink it slower and feel full faster…

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